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I predict this will lead to Big Idea Breakthroughs in the future.

Watch as the user moves objects and creates shapes without actually touching them.


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Don’t judge a book by its cover.

I was newly hired as the product manager for a robotic press brake application and working with an energetic team of engineers and machine tool specialists when I met Cesare Tanassi.

Everyone in the room seemed to fit the stereotype of an engineer … the introverts looked at your shoes when they talked to you and the extroverts would look at your shoes.  Initially, Cesare fit right in.

Then, we went to dinner together. We shared ideas about what we liked to do outside work.  He made a casual reference to his interest in painting.  I talked about photography and my attempts to draw.  We worked together for a couple more days focused on press brakes, sheetmetal bending, robots, and software.

On his next visit to the USA, my wife & I invited him to our home.  He accepted.  It was special.

We explored the trade show that brought him to Chicago.  That was important to both of us.  Again, our attention was on metal bending applications and the potential for robotic applications.  I learned that Cesare also had experience developing software for robots that perform eye surgery … another interesting facet to this man.

Lin cooked a great meal one night.  On another we went to a local restaurant.

Cesare insisted on preparing dinner the next night.  We learned he is a great cook.  I wish I knew what it took to produce the “carbonara” recipe that he used.  It was delicious.

I tried to reciprocate with one of my favorite breakfast recipes, but I messed up.  I hope Cesare will give me a chance to redeem myself.  If necessary, I will take him to a local bistro rather than subject him to my amateur attempts to produce a decent breakfast.

Again, we talked about our hobbies.  This time he had a couple photos with him of paintings he had recently completed.  They were impressive.

It is my great pleasure to be able to share Cesare’s paintings with you.

Please visit his website.

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