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What is going on?

Great Illinois Stone with State MapThat is the question The Great Illinois Stone has for East Dundee residents, Village officials, and Otto.

The answers will determine on which side the Stone will fall.

Speaking of sides … every story has two sides … much like the Stone itself.

The Stone is most stable when it can be on one side or the other.

When the Stone is in its edge (yes it can happen in unsettling situations) it could fall one way or the other.

So the question is …

What’s going on in East Dundee?

There have been great improvement in the infrastructure of East Dundee in recent years.

Residents have seen derelict buildings torn down, old building remodeled, new buildings constructed, roads improved … and the Village has show that there is a plan to revitalize the community.

The Village has a Plan.

During that time Otto has been identified by signs and news reports as a key partner in that effort.

It appears that much of the work has been supported … even heavily funded by … Otto.

Otto has been a big supporter.

The Great Illinois Stone noticed Otto several years ago and liked what it saw.

The Village has been through some rough times.

Otto has probably had some tough times, too.

Hasn’t everyone?

Things appear to be getting better.

Now it seems …

There is a disturbance in the force.

The Great Illinois Stone has learned of a letter recently delivered to East Dundee area residents.  The letter was from Otto … actually Tom Roeser … Otto Engineering’s president.  No less than the Chicago Tribune ran a story about the issue.

Tom says that the leaders of the Village “are not being good stewards of our community.”

Wouldn’t you like to know the truth?

The Great Illinois Stone has also endorsed the development efforts of the Village.

It is also known that politics, personal agendas, and petty feuds have caused East Dundee … and the world at large … to make decisions detrimental to the community our leaders were elected to serve.

A source in Village administration tells the Stone that Mr. Roeser knew the Village would be responding and on what day, but generated a news story and sent the letter anyway.

Is there a solution that is satisfactory to all parties?

Maybe this is a simple misunderstanding.  But … that’s doubtful.

Could be it is all about miscommunication or unclear expectations.

The Stone would like to see everybody getting along.


The Great Illinois Stone would like to hear both sides of the story.

The Great Illinois Stone

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