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I don’t care where you stand on the political spectrum.

You should support Net Neutrality.

I am concerned that many of our duly elected senators and representatives are supporting bills that will help Big Corporations control our access to the Internet.

You, too, should be concerned.

Political affiliations should be set aside for this issue.

You should be supporting yourself, your family, your freedom.

Please! Take a close look at this issue and support those … regardless of their political affiliation … who are working to protect your right to Internet access without giving some corporation the opportunity to suck every dollar it can from your pocket.

I have no political affiliation … both major parties have disappointed me.

A free and open Internet is as close as we are going to get to the Wild West, a Free Press, and the opportunity to protest like some of us did in the 60’s and 70’s.

Let’s keep it that way.

Please … read and think about the letter below. Al Franken was a humorist before he got into politics, but he is a serious politician.

There will be nothing funny about losing our freedom of the Internet

Al Franken - U.S. Senator, Minnesota

Everyone —

The sky is red. The world is flat. And two plus two equals pancakes.

These statements aren’t just false — they’re downright ridiculous. And so is the claim that net neutrality amounts to a government takeover of the Internet.

Let’s get this straight: Net neutrality isn’t a change — it’s the status quo. It’s the way the Internet operates right now: free and open. And it isn’t the government that’s attempting an Internet “takeover” — it’s the big corporations who want to undermine net neutrality and the Republicans who want to let them.

It’s important that everyone we can talk to DOES know the truth — because this anti-Internet-freedom, pro-corporate-takeover legislation is coming to the Senate.

I’m asking you to make a commitment to standing up for truth, logic, and the free and open Internet by clicking here and taking action to help us get the truth out.

  • Forward this email to five friends
  • Share what we’re doing in this fight on Facebook or Twitter
  • Add our campaign as your instant messenger status
  • Tell at least three other friends the real story of net neutrality — no clicking required!

The sky is blue. The world is round. Two plus two equals four. These are truths. Here’s another one: Net neutrality isn’t a government takeover of anything — in fact, it protects the Internet from a corporate takeover.

And here’s one more truth: It’ll only stay that way if we stand together and fight back against misinformation. Will you take a few minutes today and help save the Internet?



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