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Solar Impulse is a solar-powered airplane that flew across the United States powered only by the sun.

The plane is full of technology that can be used in many innovative and yet-to-be-thought-of applications.

Thought Patterns is pleased to share this YouTube video created by CBS News Online and brought to my attention on Facebook by Alpha Minds.


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Personal Evolution

Personal Evolution

The world around us changes so quickly now that we must be flexible … curious … eager to learn.

If we don’t …

we won’t prosper …

possibly … we won’t survive.

My thanks for the image go to the The Other 98% Facebook site and whom ever their source might be. Alvin Toffler deserves your attention when he speaks.

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Metal sculpture of bug mounted on rooftop.

Village Accountant Responsible for Monster Bug Attack

What does your accountant do to relax?

Mine creates large-scale metal structures.

More details coming soon in another blog.


This photographic image of a monster bug metal sculpture was captured using a Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. The fireworks effect was added using Instagram (recently acquired by Facebook), while the text was added using the Evernote application Skitch.

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Chicago has been the fastest growing city
in social media usage … based on statistics for 2010.

If Facebook were a country,
it would be the 3rd largest in the world
after China & India.

Facebook’s “population” is 2 times larger than the United States.

These are a few of the facts presented in a recent Infographic from the Search Engine Journal.

I found this infographic quite interesting and thought I would share it with you. Visit the original article to learn more.

Social Media Growth Infographic
Source: The Growth of Social Media: An Infographic

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People who have a product or service often do a poor job of explaining why you should choose their solution.

The standard demo or product description may offer user instructions in excruciating detail. 

Too often, they fail to inspire the user regarding how to apply the new solution to everyday life. 

I’m working with a couple software packages with extensive galleries of “How To” videos but they are “lite” on “Why Do” I want to use a feature.

Don’t give me a multitude of tools … without clearly explaining the things I can fix … and problems I can solve by using your tools.

Before you try to teach me your process … Show me why I would want to invest the time or money.

Give me a reason. Give me examples. Give me a mentor

Help your potential customers visualize how these tools fit into their lives.  More importantly, demonstrate the benefit … the value … of the technology.

Social Media technophiles should listen & heed.

I recently watched  Bill Vick’s video interview with Patty Rappa, described as a Business 2.0 Strategist, and author of a soon-to-be-released book, Millennial Boomer.

Rappa seems to be one Marketing professional that has been listening to Boomer clients  about their views regarding Social Media.  Her contribution to the “Give Me” list above might be …

Give Me Some Comfort With the Technology.

Patty Rappa says she has learned much from Boomers, as her career has progressed.  Rappa has found that when it comes to Social Media, Boomers often “get it” better than some younger people.  Or, at least, once Boomers understand what is possible with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and other tools, they can quickly see how to apply the tools to real world situations.

She described ways she helps bridge the gap between Boomers and other generations.  She has found that her Millennial Tech-Savvy employees and Boomer clients can be paired in mutually beneficial working relationships.   

Millennials are in-touch with the current technology.  Boomers have perspective based on more years of experience. 

By working together both can learn about how to effectively apply new technologies to traditional business communication issues. 

Rappa sees her book Millennial Boomer as an attempt to re-ignite Boomer creativity in the arena of communicating a company’s outreach message to the market by helping Boomers use Social Media tools.

How many times have you … or someone you know … asked a teenager to help them with a computer or Internet problem? 

We didn’t grow up surrounded by computers and a multitude of electronic gadgets; younger people are doing so.  You would expect them to be tuned in to technology.

Working with Millennials on applying social media tools, Boomers are likely to find the kind of technical savvy they need to “re-ignite” some creativity in the process of communicating with customer audiences.  Millennials may find that Boomers can show them more about business and strategy.

 I look forward to learning more about how Patty Rappa thinks. 

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