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Talking Heads

Talking About the Constitution

Don’t Know What They Are Talking About


If you are concerned about a weak constitution,

this could make you sick!

Since Thought Patterns is about understanding how people think,

and talk of the Constitution seems to come up everywhere,

Jon Stewart’s review of how Faux News and similar sources

discuss these important issues

is something you should watch … and ponder.

These talking heads and pitiful pundits are every bit as radical

as the worst of our terrorist foes.

We should … Beware the Danger Within

Think of 1984 … George Orwell’s 1984.

He said the moral of the story is …

“Don’t let it happen.

It depends on you.”


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Sanjati Cemo Juto

Turn up your speakers for this one. It will be good for you.

Gustafi is a Croatian Pop Rock band that plays an eclectic style of music combining Istrian Croatian) folk music and rock, along with blues and Tex-Mex influences. I first heard this piece on my MP3 player while walking the dogs. The upbeat tempo and Tex-Mex brass caused me to pick up my pace and I (nearly) danced in ppublic.

Gustafi is considered one of the most prominent examples of the so-called ča-val (Cha Wave), a type of pop rock music accompanied with lyrics sung in the chakavian dialect spoken in Istria, which became popular in the mid-1990s in Croatia.

I haven’t located a good (Croatian to English) translation, but a Google translation showed that the lyrics are about dreaming … possibly dreams of freedom.  The word “nebo” is used frequently and appears to be the word for “heaven”.

Gustafi - A Pop Rock Band from Croatia

Image Source 

Enjoy the Video

Dance to the Music

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