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RUMOR: The Great Illinois Stone Endorses Village Development

Numerous unsubstantiated rumors support claims that The Great Illinois Stone has endorsed the Community Development efforts of Village Trustees.

Conscientious Citizens report seeing The Great Illinois Stone in the street near the house that was destroyed.

River drive will never be the same.  We hope.

Empty, dead, and deteriorating it was time for that hazard to go.

A group claiming to represent The Great Illinois Stone says The Stone … also known as TGIS … considers The Stone’s work a public service.

The Great Illinois Stone Endorses Village Revitalization

Please contact us if you can provide insights regarding this incident.

We would also like to know of other sightings and interactions that involve The Great Illinois Stone.

Tell us if you see something that should get The Stone.

Right or Wrong … Good or Bad … What situation deserves The Stone?


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