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This was the Best Fireworks Display

We Have Ever Seen

Following ten thoroughbred races

we experienced a wonderful

July 4th Fireworks Display



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RUMOR: The Great Illinois Stone Endorses Village Development

Numerous unsubstantiated rumors support claims that The Great Illinois Stone has endorsed the Community Development efforts of Village Trustees.

Conscientious Citizens report seeing The Great Illinois Stone in the street near the house that was destroyed.

River drive will never be the same.  We hope.

Empty, dead, and deteriorating it was time for that hazard to go.

A group claiming to represent The Great Illinois Stone says The Stone … also known as TGIS … considers The Stone’s work a public service.

The Great Illinois Stone Endorses Village Revitalization

Please contact us if you can provide insights regarding this incident.

We would also like to know of other sightings and interactions that involve The Great Illinois Stone.

Tell us if you see something that should get The Stone.

Right or Wrong … Good or Bad … What situation deserves The Stone?

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Double Eagle on the Fox

Two Bald Eagles

For the past year or more residents of the Dundee, Illinois, area along the Fox River have been watching the antics of a mated pair of Bald Eagles and their 2011 offspring. In early 2011 it was easy to distinguish the adults from the juvenile. The younger bird had not developed the white head and tail feathers and its efforts to catch food were clumsy.

I’m not certain of this, but I think the eagle on the right in the pictures above and below is the juvenile. That judgement is based on the rather submissive way it acted after landing on the perch next to the eagle on the left.

After watching and photographing this pair of Bald Eagles, I commented to my wife that we were having a Double Eagle” morning. She asked me what the double eagle phrase referenced. I told her it was a gold coin. She snickered and said, “Oh sure, a coin put out by one of those phoney commercial mints.”

Nope … a Double Eagle is a $20 gold coin that was first issued by the United States in the mid-1800s.

The “eagle” names given to gold U.S. coins are not nicknames; the “eagle,” “half-eagle” and “quarter-eagle” were specifically given these names in the Act of Congress that originally authorized them. Likewise, the Double Eagle was specifically created with that name. Since the $20 gold piece had twice the value of the eagle, these coins were designated “double eagles”.

Bald Eagles with Ruffled Feathers

The first double eagle was minted in 1849, at the height of the California Gold Rush. In that year, the mint produced the initial proofs.  Regular production began in 1850 and continued until 1933. Prior to 1850, eagles with a denomination of $10 were the largest denomination of US coin. $10 eagles were produced beginning in 1795, just two years after the first U.S. mint opened.  In 1850, the double eagle had the purchasing power of about $530 in 2011 dollars.

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Thought Patterns 2011 Blog Topic Summary

If you could read minds, success in communicating your ideas and plans effectively … to friends, family, customers, business associates, and employees … would be much easier to attain.

Think about it.

If you know how other people think,

you can be

(a) very well-informed

(b) very influential

or (c) both.

Share Your Thoughts

Since this is intended to be a forum for the exchange and exploration of ideas, your feedback is encouraged.  Comments on content, topic suggestions, and contributions of your ideas are invited.

Blog Structure

  • HomeA Great Place to Start
  • AboutExploring How People Think & How Ideas Take Hold
  • PhotographyA Great Way to Convey Thoughts
  • Somebody SaidSome Things are Worth Repeating
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INTRODUCTIONCustomer Feedback

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CREATIVE PEOPLEPainting of Robots by Cesare Tanassi


PHOTOGRAPHYSanta on Miami's North Beach





URBAN LEGENDThe Great Illinois Stone

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Thought Patterns Reader Finds No Evidence
Rocker or Stoner


The Great Illinois Stone

The Great Illinois Stone

Several sources that wish to remain anonymous have indicated that the Great  Illinois Stone got off to a very rocky start. As you can imagine this left it for ages stuck between a rock and a hard place. But, belying expectation based on its name and origins, the Great Illinois Stone does not appear to ever have been either a rocker or a stoner. But he was very hard-headed, suggesting  possible Norwegian origins (though Swedes, Germans, Danes, Finns, and Scots and  the Irish have claimed a connection). So far no indication of a dependency on coffee, raising doubts about the Norwegian connection.

It was often mistreated and ignored, but when it sought legal recourse, learned  that it did not have a leg to stand on. And this meant that it had neither standing nor voice in political and legal processes.

That’s about it so far. Hope it helps.


#  #  #  #

We thank Thought Patterns reader David P. Norby, Ph.D., CQE (ASQ) for this update regarding the potential history and nature of the Great Illinois Stone. Since he is a Certified Quality Engineer and a Scientist with training in biology and chemistry we are confident that his data has been rigorously researched. We give his information a high believability rating.  Thought Patterns would raise the believability rating if David also had experience in geology and was able to dig up some genealogy & immigration records to support these findings.

Dave’s background includes over 21 years experience with Abbott Laboratories, so we think he knows a stoner if he sees one.  We are not certain of his Rock & Roll credentials. David is an expert in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and test methods. If pharmaceuticals are your business and you want to make real good drugs, let me know and I’ll connect you with Dave.

If you have information about the origin, history,
nature, purpose, or activities
of The Great Illinois Stone
Please submit your thoughts to Thought Patterns.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Chicago has been the fastest growing city
in social media usage … based on statistics for 2010.

If Facebook were a country,
it would be the 3rd largest in the world
after China & India.

Facebook’s “population” is 2 times larger than the United States.

These are a few of the facts presented in a recent Infographic from the Search Engine Journal.

I found this infographic quite interesting and thought I would share it with you. Visit the original article to learn more.

Social Media Growth Infographic
Source: The Growth of Social Media: An Infographic

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The Great Illinois Stone
The Great Illinois Stone

What’s Up With Otto?

Early on a recent Sunday morning The Great Illinois Stone was spotted along the Fox River in Carpentersville near a visitor parking space on the OTTO Engineering property. It would seem the spirits that control appearances of The Great Illinois Stone may approve of OTTO’s contributions to its community.

If you are familiar with the Dundee-Carpentersville area, you have probably noticed the beautifully restored factory buildings on both sides of the Fox River along Main Street in Carpentersville.

You may not know that OTTO has also refurbished many of the houses in what’s called the Old Town area of Carpentersville. OTTO was instrumental in forming the Old Town Association to encourage development of properties in the area. OTTO is also supporting efforts to refurbish homes in another “gateway” section of Carpentersville near highway 68.

The Great Illinois Stone Visits OTTO EngineeringOTTO Engineering is celebrating 50 years of operation, and has been at its current location for over forty years.  Talk to local residents who are in their seventies and eighties and they can tell you stories about when those buildings were operated by The Illinois Iron and Bolt Co.

In June of this year Carpentersville dedicated the entire month to OTTO Engineering and its role in the community.

We wonder if The Great Illinois Stone has visited OTTO because of the mixed reaction from the community.

You may not agree with every political inclination of the Roeser family that owns OTTO. Altruisim may not be what comes to mind when you hear people talk about OTTO’s efforts to improve the Old Town area, but you should appreciate the benefits of their contributions to the community.

Of course OTTO benefits by investing in the community … duh! So what!

There is nothing wrong with doing well … while doing good.

Besides … when a company is doing well, it can more easily afford to do good.

Maybe the appearance of The Great Illinois Stone is a statement about the need to work together to accomplish things that are beneficial to a larger group. Look at the political and legislative grid-lock that has pushed so many states and our nation to the brink of destruction.

What’s wrong with a compromise that serves the greater good?

“Enlightened Self-Interest” is one of the most effective motivators and unifying forces for taking action that can help you and your community … however you define your community.  More people should subscribe to this philosophy.

What do you know about The Great Illinois Stone?

To learn what we know about The Great Illinois Stone
visit our earlier article here.

We welcome your thoughts about the myth, mystery, nature,
purpose and origin of The Great Illinois Stone.

So far … ’tis a mystery.

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