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Hell or High Watermelon

What a sneaky treat!

The Trader Joe’s person sharing wine and beer on a recent Saturday suggested I buy one rather than the $11 six-pack.  Just in case I didn’t like it.
She was right.
I didn’t like it.
At first.
Less than a minute later I thought … hhmmmm.
Hell or High Watermelon Statue of Liberty

Hell or High Watermelon Statue of Liberty

That’s refreshing. It’s light.

If it was hot, I’d love it.
Consider this.
When the summer has been hot …
When the growing season has gone so well …
When you have worked hard and need a refreshing brew …
Choose …Hell-or-High-Watermelon-Bridge
Hell or High Watermelon

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Beer – Lagunitas Undercover

This Undercover Operation is Almost Shut-Down

This 6-pack has survived nearly three weeks, but the Undercover operatives are down to one.

It’s almost over.


It has a great hoppy taste.

Love the grapefruit tingle.

Very refreshing.

There will be future Undercover operations to Shut-Down.

Thank you, Lagunitas and the World Market in Schaumburg, IL.

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Preparation Meets Opportunity Brewing Up Something Special

Brickside Brewery – Grand Opening – August 18, 2012

The idea for a brewery in Copper Harbor got its start almost eight years ago, and the brewery’s founder wasn’t drinking beer at that time.

The way I hear it … Brickside Brewery resulted from a Christmas present that sat in storage for almost a year.

The Brickside’s founder, Jason, and his wife, received a starter brewing kit as a gift from a sister-in-law.  As the Holidays approched the following year, Jason decided to brew up a batch.

As Jason says, “almost everyone who brews a few batches of beer daydreams … Wouldn’t it be great to start a brewing business!”

His opportunity arose when a building in Copper Harbor changed hands and became available.

I will tell more of the business development story in a future blog posting.

For now … Think about enjoying a Brickside Brew. Brewing began in June. The Grand Opening Celebration is this upcoming weekend.

When you visit Brickside Brewery, you will find the menu and catalog right behind the bar.

Uncertain?  Try a sampler.  A good taste of four different brews.

Brickside Brewery on tap in Copper Harbor

A Weiss Bier homage to Grandpa.

Consider buying a Brickside T-shirt

Brickside Brewery

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