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Thought Patterns 2011 Blog Topic Summary

If you could read minds, success in communicating your ideas and plans effectively … to friends, family, customers, business associates, and employees … would be much easier to attain.

Think about it.

If you know how other people think,

you can be

(a) very well-informed

(b) very influential

or (c) both.

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Since this is intended to be a forum for the exchange and exploration of ideas, your feedback is encouraged.  Comments on content, topic suggestions, and contributions of your ideas are invited.

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CREATIVE PEOPLEPainting of Robots by Cesare Tanassi


PHOTOGRAPHYSanta on Miami's North Beach





URBAN LEGENDThe Great Illinois Stone


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Ideas With Legs
Web Photo Galleries and Visually Interesting Websites
DIY … It’s Easy to Do It Yourself
My initial objective was to share photos of a special community event.
Heroes On Horseback Salute

Heroes On Horseback Salute

I evaluated … even attempted to use several alternatives including:
  • PhotoShop
  • HTML
  • Dreamweaver
  • 3rd Party Dreamweaver Templates
  • flickr
  • Facebook
My HTML designs were too bland.  PhotoShop referred me to Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver referred me to Adobe?? to build a web gallery for Dreamweaver.  I tried, but was frustrated by the process and disappointed by the outcome.
By searching the web I identified some Dreamweaver templates that looked interesting and attempted using them.  No luck.
Responding to an interesting Tweet, I “won” a template from another designer.  I attempted to follow its instructions.  No luck.
flickr and Facebook offer only simple “album” type formats.
In addition I downloaded and tried several free trials and shareware packages. None of them inspired me to do more than create a few draft web pages.
I discovered Wix.com through a Tweet that arrived during my review of the software I downloaded.  After a few days wrestling with that software. I went back to that Tweet and followed the link to www.wix.com.
To get started I …
  • Watched an online video
  • Made some test pages
  • Selected a Template
  • Tweaked Template Organization & Navigation
  • Saved with Custom Name/URL
  • Added Content
  • Tweaked Layout & Feature Settings
Then I asked small number of people to review what I had created and give me some feedback.  I collected their responses and modified the site as needed.  Between Friday evening and Noon Sunday I completed my first Wix web photo gallery.
Since then I have created 6 additional Web Photo Galleries and Photo-Intensive Websites
  • The introductory information helped me visualize what I could accomplish with their tool
  • The GUI is intuitive.
  • I experienced few technical glitches while building my site.  Considering I was uploading photo files over a wireless connection to my home network … things went well.
  • When I sought templates for different topics or themes, I usually found 2 or 3 that interested me.  So, I feel the array of templates is good and  Wix appears to add new templates  regularly.
If you would like to see what I did with Wix,  follow these links:

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