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What is going on?

Great Illinois Stone with State MapThat is the question The Great Illinois Stone has for East Dundee residents, Village officials, and Otto.

The answers will determine on which side the Stone will fall.

Speaking of sides … every story has two sides … much like the Stone itself.

The Stone is most stable when it can be on one side or the other.

When the Stone is in its edge (yes it can happen in unsettling situations) it could fall one way or the other.

So the question is …

What’s going on in East Dundee?

There have been great improvement in the infrastructure of East Dundee in recent years.

Residents have seen derelict buildings torn down, old building remodeled, new buildings constructed, roads improved … and the Village has show that there is a plan to revitalize the community.

The Village has a Plan.

During that time Otto has been identified by signs and news reports as a key partner in that effort.

It appears that much of the work has been supported … even heavily funded by … Otto.

Otto has been a big supporter.

The Great Illinois Stone noticed Otto several years ago and liked what it saw.

The Village has been through some rough times.

Otto has probably had some tough times, too.

Hasn’t everyone?

Things appear to be getting better.

Now it seems …

There is a disturbance in the force.

The Great Illinois Stone has learned of a letter recently delivered to East Dundee area residents.  The letter was from Otto … actually Tom Roeser … Otto Engineering’s president.  No less than the Chicago Tribune ran a story about the issue.

Tom says that the leaders of the Village “are not being good stewards of our community.”

Wouldn’t you like to know the truth?

The Great Illinois Stone has also endorsed the development efforts of the Village.

It is also known that politics, personal agendas, and petty feuds have caused East Dundee … and the world at large … to make decisions detrimental to the community our leaders were elected to serve.

A source in Village administration tells the Stone that Mr. Roeser knew the Village would be responding and on what day, but generated a news story and sent the letter anyway.

Is there a solution that is satisfactory to all parties?

Maybe this is a simple misunderstanding.  But … that’s doubtful.

Could be it is all about miscommunication or unclear expectations.

The Stone would like to see everybody getting along.


The Great Illinois Stone would like to hear both sides of the story.

The Great Illinois Stone

Your comments are welcome!


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The Score = 2053 Total

1032 USA + 715 USSR + 210 France + 45 Great Britain + 45 China + 4 India + 2 Pakistan – 2053

It was an article on Upworthy that brought this to my attention

Watch the Video, then tell me …

How does this make you feel?

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Talking Heads

Talking About the Constitution

Don’t Know What They Are Talking About


If you are concerned about a weak constitution,

this could make you sick!

Since Thought Patterns is about understanding how people think,

and talk of the Constitution seems to come up everywhere,

Jon Stewart’s review of how Faux News and similar sources

discuss these important issues

is something you should watch … and ponder.

These talking heads and pitiful pundits are every bit as radical

as the worst of our terrorist foes.

We should … Beware the Danger Within

Think of 1984 … George Orwell’s 1984.

He said the moral of the story is …

“Don’t let it happen.

It depends on you.”

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Thought Patterns 2011 Blog Topic Summary

If you could read minds, success in communicating your ideas and plans effectively … to friends, family, customers, business associates, and employees … would be much easier to attain.

Think about it.

If you know how other people think,

you can be

(a) very well-informed

(b) very influential

or (c) both.

Share Your Thoughts

Since this is intended to be a forum for the exchange and exploration of ideas, your feedback is encouraged.  Comments on content, topic suggestions, and contributions of your ideas are invited.

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CREATIVE PEOPLEPainting of Robots by Cesare Tanassi


PHOTOGRAPHYSanta on Miami's North Beach





URBAN LEGENDThe Great Illinois Stone

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Santa on Miami's North Beach

It’s Christmas Eve

How do you feel?

We spotted Santa walking in Miami’s North Beach area and wondered what’s on his mind.

It is hard to determine Santa’s mood.

Is his gaze downcast to be sure of his foot placement or is he feeling down?

Is the cane critical to his stability or is it more like a walking stick?

Is he looking forward to his job this evening or has the sleigh ride become a drag?

Is he simply enjoying the Miami sunshine before his long ride tonight?

We wish Santa and all of you a very Merry Christmas

It could be that Santa is thinking about the many people who aren’t going to experience much “Merry” in their Christmas or “Happy” in their Holidays. The economic downturn … Recession for some; Depression for way too many … has drained merriment from many occasions and sucked happiness out of many lives. If you are unemployed or underemployed, it’s likely there a fewer gifts under your tree … if you could afford a tree.

If your employer has shut down or moved jobs overseas and you are held hostage by a home that won’t sell in this stagnant housing market, you can’t feel too positive about your ability to pursue new opportunities. How many people are not in the home they had last Christmas, because their resources have been drained away?

Santa is going to see a lot of this tonight.

We do have hope for the New Year.

Much of that hope is endangered, though, by politicians more concerned about their re-election bid than the needs of the Americans they were elected to serve.

… but hope is endangered.

Hope is also endangered by businesses … sitting on record amounts of cash … but too timid to invest in new ideas, new products, or new growth initiatives that would put more people to work … giving more consumers the ability and confidence to consume.

We hope Santa brings you a bit of cheer tonight.

… and leaves every politician with a sense of “Goodwill to All”.

Our leadership and the people with control of money that could be invested in a brighter future need to understand they have a lot in common with Santa Claus. He exists because we believe in him.  They have power and money because we support them … voting for politicians … buying what businesses sell.

If politicians fail us, they won’t get votes.

If businesses won’t employ us, who will “consume” their products?

OK … That’s one approach.  Here is another

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A very special stone has been seen around the state of Illinois.

The Great Illinois Stone

The Great Illinois Stone

Please help us learn more about this mysterious artifact.

We are trying to determine it’s

  • Nature
  • Purpose
  • Potential
  • Power
  • Specialities
  • Influences
  • … and more

Great Illinois Stone with State Map

We are not sure what it is.  It could be many things.

It may have its roots in a time before this part of the country was settled. It could be connect to the spirits of the land and the people that settled here long before the Vikings or Columbus.

We just don’t know.

Possibly, it is:

  • Myth
  • Urban Legend
  • A Key to other Mysteries
  • A Sign of Things to Come … Good or Bad

The Great Illinois Stone has been reported to appear when something unexpected is going to happen.

We hear it has a special connection to politics. We are just not sure what the connection means.

Maybe it is connected to the forces that have helped put so many of our political leaders in prison.

Some have said it could:

  • Indicate where to find someone of special interest … Good or Bad
  • Fall on shady candidates
  • Cause someone to slip and fall
  • Serve as Seal of Approval
  • Warn people of danger

We have heard that it might have come from the Castle Rock area.

Some say it was first found at the site of the “Murder Castle” hotel at Sixty-Third and Wallace in the Englewood section of Chicago. This “hotel” was designed and built by Dr. H.H. Holmes (born Herman Webster Mudgett), written about by Erik Larson in the book Devil in the White City. Holmes is often referred to as America’s first serial killer. In the end, he admitted to 27 murders, but estimates range as high as 250 victims.

For more information about this amazing time in Chicago’s history visit:

Some say The Great Illinois Stone was unearthed at Chicago’s Graceland Cemetery, possible from the shore of the pond near Daniel Burnham’s burial site.

There is even a rumor that The Great Illinois Stone was sent here from another state to disrupt and disturb the tranquility of this part of the Heartland, cause the Chicago Machine to falter, Cook County government to crumble, or the Illinois State Legislature to be gridlocked on issues important to the citizens of this state. Boy, if that’s the case … it seems to be working.

If I was Rob Blagojevich, I would be concerned.

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I don’t care where you stand on the political spectrum.

You should support Net Neutrality.

I am concerned that many of our duly elected senators and representatives are supporting bills that will help Big Corporations control our access to the Internet.

You, too, should be concerned.

Political affiliations should be set aside for this issue.

You should be supporting yourself, your family, your freedom.

Please! Take a close look at this issue and support those … regardless of their political affiliation … who are working to protect your right to Internet access without giving some corporation the opportunity to suck every dollar it can from your pocket.

I have no political affiliation … both major parties have disappointed me.

A free and open Internet is as close as we are going to get to the Wild West, a Free Press, and the opportunity to protest like some of us did in the 60’s and 70’s.

Let’s keep it that way.

Please … read and think about the letter below. Al Franken was a humorist before he got into politics, but he is a serious politician.

There will be nothing funny about losing our freedom of the Internet

Al Franken - U.S. Senator, Minnesota

Everyone —

The sky is red. The world is flat. And two plus two equals pancakes.

These statements aren’t just false — they’re downright ridiculous. And so is the claim that net neutrality amounts to a government takeover of the Internet.

Let’s get this straight: Net neutrality isn’t a change — it’s the status quo. It’s the way the Internet operates right now: free and open. And it isn’t the government that’s attempting an Internet “takeover” — it’s the big corporations who want to undermine net neutrality and the Republicans who want to let them.

It’s important that everyone we can talk to DOES know the truth — because this anti-Internet-freedom, pro-corporate-takeover legislation is coming to the Senate.

I’m asking you to make a commitment to standing up for truth, logic, and the free and open Internet by clicking here and taking action to help us get the truth out.

  • Forward this email to five friends
  • Share what we’re doing in this fight on Facebook or Twitter
  • Add our campaign as your instant messenger status
  • Tell at least three other friends the real story of net neutrality — no clicking required!

The sky is blue. The world is round. Two plus two equals four. These are truths. Here’s another one: Net neutrality isn’t a government takeover of anything — in fact, it protects the Internet from a corporate takeover.

And here’s one more truth: It’ll only stay that way if we stand together and fight back against misinformation. Will you take a few minutes today and help save the Internet?


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