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Who Is Tooting Your Horn?toot-your-own-horn

I would be preaching to the choir if this article listed the things we all know.

You would be irritated and bored listening to someone toot their own horn.

Most people aren’t comfortable frequently extolling their virtues.


Everyone who is buying or hiring wants to hear about you, your work, or your product from someone in a position to know.


You probably have a handful of glowing recommendations from some of your strongest LinkedIn Connections.  Maybe you have a whole laundry list of accomplishments & accolades.

But think of this …

Has anyone ever mentioned they learned something special about you from one of your LinkedIn Recommendations?

Probably not.

Here is an idea describing how to make your LinkedIn Recommendations work for you.

  1. Copy all your LinkedIn Recommendations to a Word document.
    1. The example below started out as a three page document with 10 point fonts.
  2. Remove all unnecessary and overly repetitive statements.
    1. Then go back and remove some more.  I know … it can be painful.
  3. Reduce each recommendation to one phrase … two if both are outstanding.
  4. Review your remaining quotes, and cut more words.
    1. This is a case where “less is more”
  5. Use [brackets] t0 change your [Name] to [he] or [she] or to shorten [part of the quote]. The example below will show what this means.
  6. Arrange the quote snippets into logical groups
    1. Job Categories
    2. Industry Groups
    3. Or like a story … a brief description of yourself.
  7. Include a “Source” reference with a link to your LinkedIn Profile
    1. This adds credibility if someone wants to “fact check”.
  8. Share it
    1. Add it to your personal website
    2. As a link in your email signature information
    3. With your resume (electronic or paper)

Here are a couple examples

I created this example to assist my wife as she searches for contract recruiting & employment opportunities.


Click here to see an example using Brian’s LinkedIn Profile.


Brian Jacobson is a Salesforce.com and Marketing Automation Business Systems Analyst.

He is also the designer, writer, manager, and web administrator for these sites:


Lin Jacobson is a Technical Recruiter and Project Operations Manager with a robust network of Engineers, Scientists, and Mid-to-Upper Management professionals in Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Life Sciences, and a broad array of Manufacturing industries.




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Poppet is Gone


Poppet is Gone

I feel like I jinxed her when I said on Facebook, “She always returns for breakfast.”


Two days later … she didn’t.

Lin was feeding our deerhounds on the deck, which is usually when Poppet gets her second round of breakfast. That is when we both realized we felt she wasn’t coming back.SAMSUNG

As I walked toward the patio door that looked out on the deck, I saw a serious look on Lin’s face.

I asked, “What’s got your attention?”

She said, “I just saw a coyote cross the street carrying an animal; it looked like a cat.”

Moments earlier, I had been thinking about Poppet’s free-ranging excursions and wondered if they should be limited by us … even though she seems to want a more open-door relationship. I made an effort to push those negative thoughts from my head.

When Lin made her observation, a chill ran through me.

We went to work. I immersed myself as much as I could to avoid thinking about the possibilities.

I got home before Lin; around 6:00PM. Poppet is usually waiting for us by 4:00. She wasn’t there.

Don’t think she is coming back …


Twenty Minutes after writing the information above …

She showed up.

She was cowering in the corner of the deck … under a chair.

I was able to approach her, but she was tentative.

She allowed me to pick her up.

When I held her close, she tensed … then relaxed.

She was home.


Months later …

Haplo & Poppet on MattressShe was very affectionate when I greeted her in the morning.

As her breakfast was prepared, she talked to Lin.

Sometimes she would stretch toward the top of the counter

And be shooed down.

She greeted our hounds then enjoyed her breakfast.

After some grooming and stretching she left the yard to start her daily rounds.


 An hour later …

I poured another cup of coffee then stepped out on the deck.

A disturbance among the shrubs just beyond the fence

Was followed by a squeal of panic and pain.

Moments later a coyote crossed the street with something in its mouth.

My stomach clinched.


That night …

She didn’t show up for dinner … or a sleep-over.


Next morning …

No Poppet.


For the next two weeks …

We searched the neighborhood.

Asked people if they had seen her.

Checked the streets and highways near our home.

No Poppet.


Poppet is Gone.


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