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Who Is Tooting Your Horn?toot-your-own-horn

I would be preaching to the choir if this article listed the things we all know.

You would be irritated and bored listening to someone toot their own horn.

Most people aren’t comfortable frequently extolling their virtues.


Everyone who is buying or hiring wants to hear about you, your work, or your product from someone in a position to know.


You probably have a handful of glowing recommendations from some of your strongest LinkedIn Connections.  Maybe you have a whole laundry list of accomplishments & accolades.

But think of this …

Has anyone ever mentioned they learned something special about you from one of your LinkedIn Recommendations?

Probably not.

Here is an idea describing how to make your LinkedIn Recommendations work for you.

  1. Copy all your LinkedIn Recommendations to a Word document.
    1. The example below started out as a three page document with 10 point fonts.
  2. Remove all unnecessary and overly repetitive statements.
    1. Then go back and remove some more.  I know … it can be painful.
  3. Reduce each recommendation to one phrase … two if both are outstanding.
  4. Review your remaining quotes, and cut more words.
    1. This is a case where “less is more”
  5. Use [brackets] t0 change your [Name] to [he] or [she] or to shorten [part of the quote]. The example below will show what this means.
  6. Arrange the quote snippets into logical groups
    1. Job Categories
    2. Industry Groups
    3. Or like a story … a brief description of yourself.
  7. Include a “Source” reference with a link to your LinkedIn Profile
    1. This adds credibility if someone wants to “fact check”.
  8. Share it
    1. Add it to your personal website
    2. As a link in your email signature information
    3. With your resume (electronic or paper)

Here are a couple examples

I created this example to assist my wife as she searches for contract recruiting & employment opportunities.


Click here to see an example using Brian’s LinkedIn Profile.


Brian Jacobson is a Salesforce.com and Marketing Automation Business Systems Analyst.

He is also the designer, writer, manager, and web administrator for these sites:


Lin Jacobson is a Technical Recruiter and Project Operations Manager with a robust network of Engineers, Scientists, and Mid-to-Upper Management professionals in Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Life Sciences, and a broad array of Manufacturing industries.




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Preparation Meets Opportunity Brewing Up Something Special

Brickside Brewery – Grand Opening – August 18, 2012

The idea for a brewery in Copper Harbor got its start almost eight years ago, and the brewery’s founder wasn’t drinking beer at that time.

The way I hear it … Brickside Brewery resulted from a Christmas present that sat in storage for almost a year.

The Brickside’s founder, Jason, and his wife, received a starter brewing kit as a gift from a sister-in-law.  As the Holidays approched the following year, Jason decided to brew up a batch.

As Jason says, “almost everyone who brews a few batches of beer daydreams … Wouldn’t it be great to start a brewing business!”

His opportunity arose when a building in Copper Harbor changed hands and became available.

I will tell more of the business development story in a future blog posting.

For now … Think about enjoying a Brickside Brew. Brewing began in June. The Grand Opening Celebration is this upcoming weekend.

When you visit Brickside Brewery, you will find the menu and catalog right behind the bar.

Uncertain?  Try a sampler.  A good taste of four different brews.

Brickside Brewery on tap in Copper Harbor

A Weiss Bier homage to Grandpa.

Consider buying a Brickside T-shirt

Brickside Brewery

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 Betty White Should Meet My Mom!
 I can see them … facing off on the football field … in a Snickers commercial!
What do you say, Betty?


Clear Lake Cover Girls

Clear Lake Cover Girls


Well into her 88th year, Mom became a published writer.

She writes a column called Life in the Valley for a monthly community publication.

Here is a link to her column in the October issue.

Now, she’s a cover girl

… along with two of my sisters … Sheila & Mary Ellen.

She wasn’t expecting it, but fame was thrust upon her and my sister siblings.

You go, girls!

Mom and the girls were interviewed for an article about assisted living.

The article offers insights from several seniors and their family members regarding the process of deciding to move to an Assisted Living environment and the realities of that environment once you have lived there a while.

Click Here to visit this October 2010 issue of the Iowa Living Magazine – Clear Lake Edition

Mom was surprised to see herself on the cover.

I think she had the “makin’s” of being a cover girl long ago.

Mom and Baby Boy

Mom and Baby Boy

 She could have graced the covers of magazines like Life, Look, Ladies Home Journal … or whatever passed as the Modern Parenting magazine of the day.

And look at that beautiful boy she’s holding. A handsome lad like that must be destined for a special life.  Oh .. excuse me. I have gotten sidetracked …

So … back to Mom’s story!

Mom will be 89 this week.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I hope you like this piece.

True to form … my birthday card for Mom will arrive late.

But … I’ll call you this weekend, Mom … and on your birthday … then my card will arrive the next day. So, we will celebrate over several days.

So, Mom … are you ready for a faceoff with Betty White?

That would be Great for the Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show!

Face-off?  Not your style?  No … probably not.

Maybe your booking agent can arrange a more gentile setting for you to meet with Betty White.  Think of it.  A couple good-looking girls your age … getting together to have a little fun. Betty White found out she’s still got it.  I’d say you do too.

Here’s an idea.  Dave Letterman should invite you, Betty White, and Dave’s mom for a little gathering on the Late Show.  That would be interesting.

 Letterman Late Show “Ladies That Still Got It!”

Should we start a campaign?

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Mom is a Writer

First … get them interested in stories.

Show them the wonders of the written word.

Mom Reads to the BoysMom read to me and my brothers as early in life as I can remember.  Mom & Dad were book people.  I saw our family grow from 2 kids to 8.  Remodeling was the norm.  One of the projects I remember distinctly is the living room book wall.

It was the thing most often admired by visitors to our home.

Mom and I talked about books.

We still exchange ideas about books to read.

Now that macular degeneration has made it “hard to see what I’m looking at,” she now listens to her books.

That hasn’t slowed her down much.

Many times over the years I have suggested she write, and look for a way to get published.

Mom is now a Columnist

Read … Life in the Valley

She lives in an assisted living facility called Apple Valley.  She’s on her way to becoming somewhat of a local celebrity … beyond the accolades and wonder inspired by raising eight kids.


If you are dealing with parents of friends trying to decide whether to move to an Assisted Living Facility, you might want to share Mom’s articles.

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Our thanks to all Veterans!
Our Flag is still flying!


I spotted this flag flying over a quiet community baseball field this morning. 

It’s tattered appearance brought to mind the Star Spangled Banner and images I recall associated with the inital inspiration for Francis Scott Key or memories I have of the movies and community events when the song has been played and sung.   

O! say can you see by the dawn’s early light,

What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming,

Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,

O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming.

And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,

Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;

O! say does that star-spangled banner yet wave,

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Is the American flag still waving?  Yes!

Do we appreciate the dedication and sacrifices of people who have kept us free?  Absolutely!

We got through the election.  Our flag is still flying, but it is hard to feel confident that the right changes have taken place.

Did the recent political campaigns raise your blood pressure?

Did the attack-the-opponent strategy make you tired?  sad? angry? frustrated?
Democrats … once known as a party of inclusion … can’t develop a unified message to its members or the Nation.
Republicans … under the guise of fiscal conservatism … strangle any legislative efforts to help the vicitims of the their laissez-faire economics.
Every politician seems to be more concerned about their own interests and those of their friends (duh, big surprise) rather than being willing to work together to get our country back on solid footing. 
How will these approaches heal and protect the USA? 
On top of that, we have”The Party of No” trying to paint more states red and many of the voters responsible for the blue and purple states failing to show up at the mid-term elections.
How does “leaving the decision to others” preserve our democracy?
We still face a lot of serious issues.

We still have 2 Wars … and others seem to be pending.

How do we protect the USA and support our allies without bankrupting the country?
Unemployment remains at an incredibly high level.
What can be done to create jobs?

Foreclosures and an underemployed construction industry showcase terrible weaknesses in our economic condition.

Over-worked employees who have survived as friends and co-workers have been laid off wonder when the pressure will be reduced.

Do you wonder why America has become so tattered?
In spite of, or because of all these issues, I’m thankful to our Veterans and their families for making sure we can say each morning “that our flag was still there.”

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