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Acoustic Annoyance – First Music Video

Tower of Song


Leonard Cohen

Performance & Arrangement


Brian Jacobson

* * * *

Acoustic Annoyance Image of YouTube video

World Premiere – Tower of Song – The Primative Series


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Metal sculpture of bug mounted on rooftop.

Village Accountant Responsible for Monster Bug Attack

What does your accountant do to relax?

Mine creates large-scale metal structures.

More details coming soon in another blog.


This photographic image of a monster bug metal sculpture was captured using a Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. The fireworks effect was added using Instagram (recently acquired by Facebook), while the text was added using the Evernote application Skitch.

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Thought Patterns 2011 Blog Topic Summary

If you could read minds, success in communicating your ideas and plans effectively … to friends, family, customers, business associates, and employees … would be much easier to attain.

Think about it.

If you know how other people think,

you can be

(a) very well-informed

(b) very influential

or (c) both.

Share Your Thoughts

Since this is intended to be a forum for the exchange and exploration of ideas, your feedback is encouraged.  Comments on content, topic suggestions, and contributions of your ideas are invited.

Blog Structure

  • HomeA Great Place to Start
  • AboutExploring How People Think & How Ideas Take Hold
  • PhotographyA Great Way to Convey Thoughts
  • Somebody SaidSome Things are Worth Repeating
  • LinksGood Ideas & Resources to Share

INTRODUCTIONCustomer Feedback

  • Hello world!  … Looking Forward to Sharing Ideas With You


CREATIVE PEOPLEPainting of Robots by Cesare Tanassi


PHOTOGRAPHYSanta on Miami's North Beach





URBAN LEGENDThe Great Illinois Stone

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Sanjati Cemo Juto

Turn up your speakers for this one. It will be good for you.

Gustafi is a Croatian Pop Rock band that plays an eclectic style of music combining Istrian Croatian) folk music and rock, along with blues and Tex-Mex influences. I first heard this piece on my MP3 player while walking the dogs. The upbeat tempo and Tex-Mex brass caused me to pick up my pace and I (nearly) danced in ppublic.

Gustafi is considered one of the most prominent examples of the so-called ča-val (Cha Wave), a type of pop rock music accompanied with lyrics sung in the chakavian dialect spoken in Istria, which became popular in the mid-1990s in Croatia.

I haven’t located a good (Croatian to English) translation, but a Google translation showed that the lyrics are about dreaming … possibly dreams of freedom.  The word “nebo” is used frequently and appears to be the word for “heaven”.

Gustafi - A Pop Rock Band from Croatia

Image Source 

Enjoy the Video

Dance to the Music

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Multi-Tasking and the Blues

I don’t recall how I first heard about Cigo.  I think it was a Tweet.

I had recently attended an Arlo Guthrie concert and later saw a Bob Dillon special.  Both play guitar and harmonica … along with singing.  That’s multi-tasking.

Cigo a One-Man Band in Croatia

I suspect that most of you do not speak or understand the Croatian (hrvatski) language.

Me either.

I expected his song to be a ballad or folk song about some legendary hero.

It’s not.

I do believe it might be categorized as a socio-political commentary

… or the Blues.

The song our performer friend seems to sing most often in the videos I’ve seen is Budjav Lebac which translates to Moldy Bread

Visit this site for a translation of the lyrics.

 How Do You Feel About Multi-Tasking?


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 Betty White Should Meet My Mom!
 I can see them … facing off on the football field … in a Snickers commercial!
What do you say, Betty?


Clear Lake Cover Girls

Clear Lake Cover Girls


Well into her 88th year, Mom became a published writer.

She writes a column called Life in the Valley for a monthly community publication.

Here is a link to her column in the October issue.

Now, she’s a cover girl

… along with two of my sisters … Sheila & Mary Ellen.

She wasn’t expecting it, but fame was thrust upon her and my sister siblings.

You go, girls!

Mom and the girls were interviewed for an article about assisted living.

The article offers insights from several seniors and their family members regarding the process of deciding to move to an Assisted Living environment and the realities of that environment once you have lived there a while.

Click Here to visit this October 2010 issue of the Iowa Living Magazine – Clear Lake Edition

Mom was surprised to see herself on the cover.

I think she had the “makin’s” of being a cover girl long ago.

Mom and Baby Boy

Mom and Baby Boy

 She could have graced the covers of magazines like Life, Look, Ladies Home Journal … or whatever passed as the Modern Parenting magazine of the day.

And look at that beautiful boy she’s holding. A handsome lad like that must be destined for a special life.  Oh .. excuse me. I have gotten sidetracked …

So … back to Mom’s story!

Mom will be 89 this week.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I hope you like this piece.

True to form … my birthday card for Mom will arrive late.

But … I’ll call you this weekend, Mom … and on your birthday … then my card will arrive the next day. So, we will celebrate over several days.

So, Mom … are you ready for a faceoff with Betty White?

That would be Great for the Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show!

Face-off?  Not your style?  No … probably not.

Maybe your booking agent can arrange a more gentile setting for you to meet with Betty White.  Think of it.  A couple good-looking girls your age … getting together to have a little fun. Betty White found out she’s still got it.  I’d say you do too.

Here’s an idea.  Dave Letterman should invite you, Betty White, and Dave’s mom for a little gathering on the Late Show.  That would be interesting.

 Letterman Late Show “Ladies That Still Got It!”

Should we start a campaign?

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Mom is a Writer

First … get them interested in stories.

Show them the wonders of the written word.

Mom Reads to the BoysMom read to me and my brothers as early in life as I can remember.  Mom & Dad were book people.  I saw our family grow from 2 kids to 8.  Remodeling was the norm.  One of the projects I remember distinctly is the living room book wall.

It was the thing most often admired by visitors to our home.

Mom and I talked about books.

We still exchange ideas about books to read.

Now that macular degeneration has made it “hard to see what I’m looking at,” she now listens to her books.

That hasn’t slowed her down much.

Many times over the years I have suggested she write, and look for a way to get published.

Mom is now a Columnist

Read … Life in the Valley

She lives in an assisted living facility called Apple Valley.  She’s on her way to becoming somewhat of a local celebrity … beyond the accolades and wonder inspired by raising eight kids.


If you are dealing with parents of friends trying to decide whether to move to an Assisted Living Facility, you might want to share Mom’s articles.

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